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The Norwegian Sheep products reflects Norwegian culture and food traditions

>A high-protein snack


A 100% protein-rich and 100% natural product, only added salt to givethe right flavor experience.



A high-protein snack for those who enjoy local home-brewed beers or thosewho enjoy an aperitif in good company.



A ”grab and go” product, to eat at least every three to four hours to fend off hunger and to keep your body and mind functioning. Or as a small after-dinner snack.



Cheeps is also thought of as an alternative meal of restitution and a veryefficient food to take on hiking trips.

About us

Our vision is to create brand by bringing old traditions into the future. This through developing and branding innovative food and products that reflects history and culture, based on traditions and healthy raw materials.

Norway's face was westward, towards the great sea and its islands. It wasthe Norwegians in front of all other Scandinavians who, before and duringthe Viking era, defied the mighty, ice-gray, stormy North Atlantic, withoutknowledge of what they could expect to find.

Norwegian sheep was food that the Vikings brought with them on theirvoyage when they conquered the sea. And the Norwegian sailors in theViking era, used raw materials from sheep when they made their sails.

Based on our corporate values, we are committed to commodity utilizationand stand for sustainable development, which protects our naturalresources in the best possible way.

Norwegian sheep are growing up grazing in the green, and one of the contributors for this to be maintained.

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Web-shopSordal Supply sordalnettbutikk.no/butikk/cheeps
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